editorial / information arquitecture

The magazine Nexu, latin for connection, has its concept precisely in relating either people or entities with several perceptions on a specific subject. Which, in selected but very different voices, is discussed in each number, having design as its mediator.In this number we present the Grid as the main subject. First with an historic introduction by J. H. Whilliamson, Richard Hollis and Phillip Meggs. Being the reader aware of such notions, the dialog begins, having Joseph Muller-Brockmann as a main reference and several others like Karl Gerstner, Emil Ruder, Ernest Keller, Max Bill and Piet Zwart with their own alternated inputs, either agreeing or not.Throughout the issue we can have a sense of not only the relation between the designer, the object and its grid, but also the problem solving ability of both of them. The page architecture, new solutions and proportions and especially each select author’s opinion on the matter.

Project developed with Mafalda Cintra e Zé Monteiro under the discipline of Communication Design II of the degree of Communication Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of UL.