graphic design
product design

in partnership with: Inês Sobral, Mafalda Cintra, Marta Antunes
for: Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon (academic)

PANTS ’N’ PANTIES is a special edition box of Ian Dury and The Blockheads. It is made from two of the bands albums, “New Boots and Panties” (1977) and “Mr.Love Pants” (1997). The decision to create the special edition with these particular albums started with an interview where band member Mick Gallagher said that these two are the ones that represent the band, and that everything else it’s just an in between.

The box is contains 2 CD’s - each with 4 songs and one single from the album - and 10 booklets, one for each song of each album. These booklets are an artistic and plastic interpretation, from this approach every booklet is unique, being each correspondent to a song.