91 automatic translations


Ideas do not exist separately from language. Ideas which have first to be translated out of their mother tongue into a foreign language in order to circulate, in order to become exchangeable, offer a somewhat better analogy; but the analogy then lies not in the language, but in the foreign quality of language.”, Gundrisse, Karl Marx

Translation is a process that thrives on the exchange of information. Language is a primary means of communication with an aim to establish the relationship between sender and receiver. The translated message is the subject of work that, available in a online search engine, allows the user of the technologic world a greater proximity with their peers and a break through the linguistic barrier in the exchange of ideias.

91 automatic translations aims to catalogue the list of the available languages for online translation in Google Translator, consulted in December 2015. To achieve this, two types of catalogues were made, a visual and a auditory one.

more about the project: 91 automatic translations